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Before ordering, make sure to read my Terms of Service as you're agreeing with them by placing an order. If they're any details you're not sure about and would want to discuss, feel free to send me an e-mail or contact me via Discord.

  • Prices shown below are the absolute minimum of such artwork. Additional features such as background, elements and details. Each piece is separately priced based on references and client's needs. 
  • For artworks including two or more characters the base price will be multiplied, but background and details will be paid for only once.
  • All prices below are in USD, although Paypal will deal with the payment in other currencies as long as the sum is right.

1. Decide on artwork type

Charts below are for portraits only; other types of art have to be individually priced depending on your needs.



Bust is a simple form of a portrait, cropping around neck or shoulders of the character. It's perfect for profile pictures, avatars and emotes.

Half body will portrait character up to waist or hip, depending on the pose. It will show significant amount of facial detail, with a bit of body added for a proportion reference.

Full body will show the entirety of the character, featuring all the curves, bumps, scars and tattoos. The detail on face falls a little behind, but it can showcase intricate long hairstyles and certain pieces of clothing. Perfect for character sheets, further reference and, if paired with a proper background, print and display.


I can work in many styles, which applies to form (chibi, stylized, realistic) and color (greyscale, flat color, cel-shading, stylized full color, painterly full color). You can decide what you'd like to see or ask me to help you choose. Remember to gather reference if you have something specific in mind*, but remember, my own style will always bleed through! 

More detailed comparison and examples below.


Action pose will feature character doing something dynamic such as combat, running, dancing, jumping or running. Due to amount of foreshortening and difficulty of shading, those are a bit more expensive than general full color. Action pose will usually contain some particles or fine details.

NSFW (hentai) poses are the ones considered purely 18+. NSFW will always feature a naked or mostly naked character, may be in variety of suggestive positons or actions. More on that here.

* I won't copy a style of artist that refused you commission, or a personal style of any artist. I can inspire color, lighting, general theme and look, but the anatomy and details will always be in my style.